DFC Hosts TAMANNA: Exciting Aptitude Test Event Unveiled

DFC’s Founder, Mr. Govind Kabra, recently shared invaluable insights on the T.A.M.A.N.N.A. aptitude test with school principals and teachers. The test helps students, parents, and schools make informed decisions about education and career choices. With an enthusiastic audience comprising numerous educators, the event served as a platform to delve into the significance of this aptitude assessment tool.

The gathering, held amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Ch. Sambhaji Nagar (Abad), aimed to illuminate the TAMANNA test’s role in guiding students toward fulfilling career paths. Principals and teachers gained valuable knowledge on the test format and its alignment with individual student strengths and interests.

“The TAMANNA aptitude test helps students discover their special talents and guides them towards fulfilling career paths.”

As DFC remains committed to nurturing students’ personal and academic growth, stay tuned for updates on forthcoming events and workshops geared towards empowering our future leaders.

"We firmly believe that providing students with the right tools and guidance is pivotal for their personal, academic, and professional success."